Sunday, November 28, 2021

#MonthlyKeywordGXO '22


 This challenge is hosted at the GirlXOXO site.   It is based on selecting titles that contain one of the monthly key words or some close variation on that word.  It is open for interpretation.  Sign up here

JANUARY – Last, Kingdom, Girl, Dark, When, Winter, Light, Window

FEBRUARY-  Midnight, Never, Into, Sun, Love, Good, Spell, Search

MARCH-  End, Fall, Loud, Queen, Woods, Nine, Beautiful, Crown

APRIL- Race, Now, Chose, While, Stop, Burn, Red, One

MAY- Thorn, Catch, Black, Under, City, Cloud, Sing, Legacy

JUNE- Sea, You, Hate, Perfect, Shade, Until, Beach, Little
JULY- Star, Next, Infinity, Iron, Word, People, Rise, Clear

AUGUST- Breath, Case, Hundred, Day, Happy, Language, Stay, Lie

SEPTEMBER- Bright, Here, Out, Life, Strange, Rule, Story, Salt
OCTOBER- House, Bone, Haunt, Body, Blood, Witch, Murder, Mystery
NOVEMBER- Many, Boy, River, Fever, Down, Gold, Jade, Hill
DECEMBER- Still, Cabin, Cafe, Night, Lake, By, Holiday, Fire

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