Friday, January 13, 2023

Pick Your Poison

 Because I must be crazy I have another challenge that I will try again in 2023.  I think this year I need to really examine which ones I like engaging with the other readers on and actively participate in updating my reading etc vs doing as many as possible.  For now though I will keep on taking on more challenges as long as they overlap with the others.

I'm going to aim for Going for the Burn which is 78 books.  If I finish more great if not no biggie.

Prompts  77/78

Categories 26/26

Lost and Found
Who Wrote That
  • *Twofer two books by the same author using different names (counts as two books)
  • *An author you have always wanted to read
  • *A local author
Series (Or Not)  Completed 6/21/23
Cuddly and Cute  Completed 6/21/23
Regarding the Moon
The Number Four
Preparing for the Robot Uprising
  • *A book with the work "machine" or "mechanic" in the title
  • *A book about rocket science
  • *A book with a robot, cyborg or AI character
  • *A steampunk book
Road Trips
Initial Impressions  Complete 4/12/23
Weather or Not
Not As It Seems
Take a Flying Leap  
Sparkles and Glitter
Matching  topic completed 2/16/23
Love Them Critters  completed 5/18/23

Shakespeare Inspired
Bucket List
  • *Natural History: A book with dinosaurs in it
  • *Art: A book with a well-known painting on the cover
  • *Children's: A book with a protagonist 12 years old or younger
  • *Maritime: A book about ships or sailing
Dinner Time!
Roots  Completed 6/25/23
The Darkness Around Us

Ain't That Sweet

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