Friday, March 10, 2023

Beagles Love Steak Secrets

 Beagles Love Steak Secrets by C A Phipps is a great 2nd book in the Beagle Diner series.  I love how Cinnamon the Beagle is given human-like traits and seems to understand and communicate with her owner, Lyra.  The pair have moved home to Lyra's hometown along with Dan and Maddie- Lyra's remaining support staff after leaving her old tv chef life.  It is an adjustment, not only to the properties- the diner and her childhood home, but also to reacclimate into small-town life.   Not everyone is happy she has returned home though.  Rob McKenna, her elderly neighbor, was welcoming and stepped in as a friend.  Unfortunately, his untimely passing leaves a hole in her heart as well as a mystery to solve.   In the course of the investigation, town secrets and long-forgotten squabbles arise and add to the confusion of whodunnit.  The mystery is well written with plenty of personality drama thrown in to add to the characters' appeal.   The guilty party ended up being someone I suspected but the reasoning behind it was not as I had thought.  I look forward to reading the next book in the series and hope there are more to come.  

Beagles Love Steak SecretsBeagles Love Steak Secrets by C.A. Phipps
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Lyra is a strong female chef who has given up a dream restaurant to move back to her hometown. There she and her team are workouts renovate a diner and her childhood home. Unfortunately someone wants to disrupt her plans. This someone is quite adept at hiding their identity and this much of the small town is under suspicion. Great characters and an interesting plot.

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