Friday, January 13, 2023

52 Book Club Challenge 2023

 Once again I would like to do the 52 book club challenge.  This challenge is hosted by Liz and has a Facebook and Goodreads page that I will use to interact with other challenge participants.  

Prompts Completed  43/52


  1.  Book with a Subtitle
  2.  Featuring an Inheritance
  3.  Title starting with letter "G"
  4.  Title starting with letter "H"
  5.  Title starting with letter "I"
  6.  Under 200 pages
  7.  A City or Country name in the title
  8.  Dystopian Fiction 
  9.  Book with a Dedication
  10.  Takes Place During the Roaring Twenties
  11.  A Book about Secrets
  12.  High Fantasy
  13.  Published Posthumously
  14. Survival Story
  15. Set in Australia
  16. Featuring one of the "Seven Deadly Sins" 
  17. By a Caribbean Author
  18. Set During a War other than WWI or WWII
  19. Typograhic Cover
  20. a Book about siblings  
  21. A second hand book
  22. A Body Positive Message
  23. An Alliterative Title
  24. Nordic Noir
  25. A Fashionable Character
  26. Has an Epilogue
  27. Newberry Medal Winner
  28. Includes a Funeral
  29. Sends you Down a Rabbit Hole
  30. An Author with the Same Name as You
  31. Set in a Workplace
  32. Published by MacMillan
  33. A Banned Book
  34. Featuring Mythology
  35. A Book you Meant to Read Last Year
  36. Chapters have Cliffhangers
  37. Written in Present Tense
  38. An Enemies to Lovers Plot
  39.  The Final Book in a Series
  40. Written by a Comedian
  41. A Character Who is a Refugee
  42. Time in the Title
  43. A Book "Everyone" has read
  44. A Contemporary Setting
  45. First Word in the Book is "The"  
  46. Script Font on the Spine
  47. Set in the City of Dublin
  48. A Book by Octavia E Butler
  49. Books on the Cover 
  50. Related to the Word "Murder"
  51. Doesn't Fit Any of the Other 51 prompts  Idea:  Lizzie Josephson Cozy
  52. Published in 2023

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