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I am going to attempt to knock off as many prompts as possible from this challenge hosted by Linz the Bookworm and Tress.   Not sure how many I will get but many do overlap with other challenges.

Completed:  44/60 Books 

Level 1: Book of the Month Club      10/12                      

1             Read a book recommended to you on social media or by a friend                             

2             Read a book under 300 pages   

3             Read a book with a female main character     

4             Read a book by an author whose name is Samantha, Sam, or a variant 

5             Read a book that was written by an author from your home state                            

6             Read a book you meant to read for last year's challenge 

  • The Cracked Spine (Scottish Bookshop #1) by Paige Shelton
  • Blog Post and Goodreads Review 3/30/23
  • 7             Read a book with a basic shape on the cover (examples: Circle, Square, Heart, star, Diamond)           

    8             Read a book you got from Project Gutenberg, a library, or another nonprofit source 

  • Our Missing Hearts by Celeste Ng  
  • Blog Post and Goodreads Review 1/1/23                        
  • 9             Read a book about a hobby you enjoy or want to pick up (fiction or nonfiction)     

    10           Read a book that starts with the first letter of your name    

    11           Read the next book in a series you haven't read in a while     

    12           Free Space! Pick any book    


                   Level 2: Casual Reader Club 5/12                     

    13           Read a book by Mary Faulkner (or one of her aliases -                       

    14           Read a book of short stories or a novella 

    15           Read a book that involves a lot of traveling   

    16           Read a book published in 1998 (25 years ago)                    

    17           Read a book with a yellow cover

    18           Reread a book you have recommended to someone else                             

    19           Read a book by Dean Koontz                     

    20           Read a book with a one-word title  

  • Less by Andrew Sean Greer
  • Blog Post and Goodreads Review 5/24/23                      
  • 21           Read book 1 in a trilogy               

    22           Read book 2 in a trilogy               

    23           Read book 3 in a trilogy               

    24           Free Space! Pick any book  


                   Level 3: Dedicated Reader Club  9/12            

    25           Read a book that takes place somewhere you'd like to live

    26           Read a book recommended by  

    27           Read a book by an author who shares a first or last name with one of your friends        

    28           Read a book with a neon-colored cover    

      29           Read a book that has under 1,000 reviews or ratings on a website or app    

      30           Read a middle-grade book (8-12 age range)    

      31           Read a book with the word "Time" in the title                    

      32           Read a book about a famous criminal(s)  

      33           Read a movie novelization book (movie to book, instead of book to movie)     

    1. Anna and Elsa's Hygge Life by Heather Knowles 
    2. Blog Post and Goodreads Review 1/3/23               
    3. 34           Read a fiction or nonfiction book that motivates you to be a better version of yourself                             

      35           Read a self-published book    

      36           Free Space! Pick any book 


                     Level 4: Speed Reader Club     9/12                  

      37           Read a book that is over 600 pages                        

      38           Read a book from List Challenge's Rory Gilmore Challenge                

      39           A book by an author named David/Dave         


      40           Read a "Dark Academia" novel                  

      41           Read a book with a title that starts with the letter V        

    4. Villa in Sicily: Olive Oil and Murder  (Cats and Dogs #1) by Fiona Grace
    5. Blog Post and Goodreads Review 7/25/23       
    6. 42           A book set in Asia or an Asian-inspired culture  

      43           Read a book with a cat on the cover    

      44           Read a Folklore book or book based on Folklore  

      45           Read a book where the main character is a dancer         

      46           Read a book by a new author   

        47           Read a book that involves a conspiracy  

        48           Free Space! Pick any book 


                       Level 5: Overachiever Club    9/12                    

        49           Read one of the New York Public Library's Best Books of 2022 (any category)                            

        50           Read a book where the main character is a Villain or Anti-hero

        51           Read a book that has a title that is punny and/or alliterative   

        52           Read a "Found Family" story    

        53           Read a book that has the letter Q in the title                          

        54           Read a book that has an illustrated cover   

        55           Read a book that takes place in at least two different decades

        56           Read a book about an entrepreneur (real or fictional)    

        57           Read a book that takes place in Alaska  

      1. The Tourist Attraction by Sarah Morgenthaler
      2. Blog Post and Goodreads Review 6/24/23           
      3. 58           Read a book with the word "Justice" in the title                

        59           Read a book involving Dinosaurs  

      4. Unicorns Have Bad Manners by Rachel Halpern
      5. Blog Post and Goodreads Review 6/4/23             
      6. 60           Free Space! Pick any book

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