Friday, February 17, 2023

Murder at the PTA

 Well, I have been to some contentious PTA meetings in my time but never one that ends up in murder.  Murder at the PTA is the first book in the Maya and Sandra mysteries which I found on Kindle Unlimited.  It is different than most of the cozies I read because it has an MC who is a private investigator.  Normally my books just have amateur sleuths.  This book was alright but wasn't the most engaging of the cozies I have read this year.   I think the characters in this book were a bit too edgy for me.  But, it is perfect for readers who are looking for an MC that isn't the wholesome, girl next door character.  They mystery itself was well written for me it was just about not necessarily liking or warming up to the characters.  I think I prefer Lee Hollis' other series about Hayley Powell who is a private chef. 

Murder at the PTAMurder at the PTA by Lee Hollis
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

great cozy with strong female leads

Unlike many cozies with amateur female detectives this one has 2 strong women who find themselves working together. They support each other in solving the case but also in helping each other weather some trying personal disappointments. Maya and Sandra make an unexpected pair but watching their friendship and partnership develop is as engaging as the actual mystery. I look forward to reading more about their PI cases together

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