Sunday, February 26, 2023

Last Tang Standing

 This debut novel by Lauren Ho was a great read.  While light and breezy at times there is definitely depth to the characters, especially Andrea.  Her struggles to decide the direction of her life both professionally and personally feel real and probable.  She has spent her entire life trying to make her mother and employers happy as she reaches her 30s she is starting to question what it is she wants in life.  She finds herself torn between what she thinks she wants and what she believes others what.  Last Tang Standing is a deeper book than it first appears.  It is especially appealing if you have ever spent time in Singapore or around high-achieving Asians.  Tiger moms have a reputation for a reason.  

Last Tang StandingLast Tang Standing by Lauren Ho
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

funny but thought provoking read

Well on one hand this is a light hearted story with many laugh out loud moments it is also a reflection on what makes us happy in life Andrea is so driven to do the things that make her mother happy that she often forgets about her own happiness. I’m sure many people pleasers can relate. The internal struggle is well presented in the epistolary style of diary writing and the reader can tell how troubled Andrea is with her decisions. I really liked it after she had taken control of her life how she was able to find ways to be successful. My only regret is not knowing how her relationship work out

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