Wednesday, February 22, 2023

The Sentence

This is my first read by Louise Erdrich and I can understand how she is such a revered author when it comes to representation of the Native cultures of the US.   Overall I liked the book even though I did not agree with much of her political comments and at times found them to be unnecessary to the story.  I appreciated the explanations of the different tribal cultures and customs and felt like they were very enlightening to begin to understand the history of the Indigenous culture in the US.  I did have concerns about the presentation of some of the storyline as it was written as being a historical account of the Covid era in the US and much of the summer protests following the George Floyd murder in Minneapolis.  I felt this was well written and explained with emotions as perceived by the characters (and much of the nation), but then Erdrich's representation of what happened in Kenosha was inaccurate and I worry about people taking all the story as 100% factual when some of it was incorrectly represented.  I did like the story on the whole and do look forward to reading more of her work.  

The SentenceThe Sentence by Louise Erdrich
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

interesting book that provides many perspectives

Thought provoking book with interesting perspectives on Indigenous lives in the US. While I found the story to be engaged and well plotted to fit with current events I did find some event of 2020 to have been misrepresented, specifically the Kenosha death that lead to rioting there. In some ways it made it harder for me to view the rest of the plot and messages as openly when I knew this event was being incorrectly portrayed All in all I found the book quite good and thought provoking

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  17. Pick your Poison  # 33 A book about a werewolf
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