Friday, January 27, 2023

Anna and Elsa's Hygge Life


Disney Frozen: Anna and Elsa's Hygge Life   is a fun book about Olaf discovering the meaning of Hygge.   I must admit it was a term I had heard previously but couldn't really explain what it was prior to reading this book.  I now can describe it as something that gives you a warm cozy happy feeling.  Olaf is an adorable character that finds fun in life and is a great character to represent hygge. 

Disney Frozen: Anna and Elsa's Hygge LifeDisney Frozen: Anna and Elsa's Hygge Life by Heather Knowles
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Cute kids book explaining hygge. Was a great explanation of how different experiences bring joy and warm feelings to different people. Plus what’s not cute about Olaf

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Challenge Prompts

The Challenge Prompts I will use this for are:  

  1. Goodreads and Reading by the Numbers #ReadingByNumbers2023 Book #  2
  2. Library Love  #LibraryLoveChallenge  Book #  2 
  3. AtoZ   #2023AtoZReadingChallenge  #AlphabetSoupChallenge A
  4. Alphabet Soup Author Edition #AlphabetSoupAuthorChallenge   K
  5. Virtual Mount TBR #VirtualMountTBR2023   Book #2
  6. Back List Reader  #Backlistreader  Book #1
  7. 23 in 2023 # 20 A book with a title containing a word you don't know
  8. 52 Book Club  #the52bookclub2023  #6 Under 200 pages
  9. 52 books in 52 weeks  #4 hygge
  10. Around the Year in 52 Books #1. A book set in a location that begins with A, T, or Y
  11. Bookworm #33  Read a movie novelization book (movie to book, instead of book to movie)
  12. BooklistQueen  #booklistqueenreadingchallenge2023  #35. Title Starts with “A”
  13. Beat the Backlist #BTB2023  #35  letter “z” in the title
  14. HP Quidditch 23 #12 Firebolt: Contains a special gift
  15. Nerdy Bookworm  #NerdyBookwormChallengeXO #5 Read a book based on a tv series or movie adaptation (watch the show or movie after for fun)
  16. Nerd Daily #thenerddaily #nerdreading2023 #27. A BOOK WITH ILLUSTRATIONS INSIDE
  17. PopSugar #popsugarreadingchallenge #42 A book based on a popular movie
  18. Pick your Poison  # 99 A book with a super cheerful person on the cover
  19. Read with Allison #52 Book That Doesn't Fit Any of the Prompts:
  20. Sci and Nature # 31 Flowers or Plants on the Cover:
  21. What's in a Name   #6 Q, X, Z

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