Thursday, March 30, 2023

The Cracked Spine

 The Cracked Spine is not the first book I have read by Paige Shelton even if it is the first in the Scottish Bookstore series.  Like her Dangerous Type series, Shelton writes an amazing book with relatable characters.   Not all characters are endearing but they all feel real.  The other feature of her stories that I appreciate is her ability to mix the descriptions of the locale into the storyline without feeling as though you are reading an abundance of descriptive prose.   This succeeds in allowing the reader to feel as thought they are in the setting with the characters without losing the flow of the mystery.  

I am missing reading more of the Dangerous Type books so I was very happy to find this other series by Paige Shelton.  This is my second book of the year set in Edinburgh and it has definitely inspired me to want to travel there soon.  My mother's maternal side of the family is from here and it would be fun to revisit the place of my Ainsley heritage as I haven't been there in more than 40 years.  

The Cracked SpineThe Cracked Spine by Paige Shelton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Enjoyable cozy. I especially enjoyed it as an audiobook with the narration using different accents and voices to reflect the different characters. The mystery is well constructed with plenty of doubt cast upon many of the suspects. Delaney is a bold and adventurous character with a slightly unusual ability. Her new found family at the Cracked Spine bookstore is quirky but loveable. I look forward to reading the series.

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