Friday, November 27, 2020

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 The (Unofficial) Magnus Archives Reading Challenge

   #TMARC21 and #tmaReadingChallenge2021.

The Rules:

  • there are no rules! 
  • adhere to these prompts as rigidly or as loosely as you’d like.
  • If you find a book that you think would fit a Fear or a character, but it’s not their assigned prompt, go ahead and fill that one in, anyway. 
  • If you want to use one book for more than one prompt, go ahead.
  • If you want to just pick and choose your favorite Fears and characters and read books from their prompts, go ahead.
  • If you’re bringing over books you started in 2020 but didn’t finish, and want to include them in the challenge, even though you only read the last three pages in 2021, go ahead.
  • I’m just really honored if you try doing this in the first place.
  • the current tags I’m using for this challenge is #TMARC21 and #tmaReadingChallenge2021. If you’re planning on joining in on these shenanigans, I’d love to see it! You’re welcome to post TBRs, bookstacks, Excel spreadsheets, whatever.

 the prompts come in 2 categories:

  • 30 prompts that riff on the Fears (2 prompts per Entity), and
  • 22 prompts based on Avatars or other characters in TMA.

Completed:  47 /52 prompts

  1. √ The Eye: Nonfic about an unfamiliar subject  

  2. √ The Buried: a Bottle Episode (set in a single room/place)

  3. √ The Dark: about/set in space 

  4. √ The FleshMC/author works in food service

  5. √ The Desolation: about a Chosen One
  6. The Slaughter: set during/about a war before 1800 IDEA: Ribbons of Scarlet: A Novel of the French Revolution's Women

  7. √ The Spiral: by an ND person/with an ND MC 
  8. √ The Hunta murder mystery 

  9. √ The StrangerMC/author is a performer 

  10. The End: biography of a deceased person IDEA: Fire on the Track: Betty Robinson and the Triumph of the Early Olympic Women 

  11. √ The Vastset on a plane/boat  

  12. √ The Corruptionabout a family  

  13. √  The Lonely: about/set in the Arctic  
  14. √  The Web: with a puppeteer figure (literal or figurative)  

  15. The Extinction: post-apocalyptic fiction IDEA: Divergent (Divergent, #1)

  16. √  Beholding: with a found footage element  

  17. √ Too Close: a novella 

  18. √ Mr. Pitchwith an immortal character 

  19. √ Meat: with an animal companion/character
  20. √ Flame: involves elemental powers 

  21. √ Piper: music is a plot element 

  22. √ Es Mentiraswith a door on the cover 

  23. √ Hunterinvolves a MacGuffin  

  24. √  I Do Not Know Youby an author you’ve never read

  25. √ Terminusthe last book in a series 

  26. √ Titana graphic novel 

  27. √ Filth: with fruit on the cover  

  28. √ Forsakeninvolves a crew/squad of some kind   
  29. √ Spider: a childhood favorite  READ Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein  Blog Post and Goodreads Review  11/18/2

  30. √ Changeabout/involving dinosaurs 

  31. √ Jon: MC/author is ace

  32. √ Sasha: with a female detective 
  33. √ Tim: with fire on the cover 

  34. √ Martinby/about a poet OR includes poetry 

  35. √ Melanie: by/about a social media personality 

  36. √ Basira: MC is a bookworm 

  37. Daisy: involves werewolves IDEA: City of Bones

  38. √ Gerry: about ghosts/MC is a ghost 

  39. √ Oliver: involves dreams 
  40. Michael: an old favorite IDEA: The Secret Garden

  41. √ Annabelle: with an unreliable narrator 

  42. √ Benoît Maçon: with an unexpected partnership/romance
  43. √ Jane Prentisswith a found family 
  44. √ Simon FairchildMC is elderly 
  45. √ Jonah Magnus: an epistolary novel OR includes letters 

  46. √ Breekon & Hope: with an established partnership/romance 
  47. √ Nikolawith a fictionalized historical figure 
  48. √ Adelard Dekker: MC is religious 

  49. √ Grifter’s Bone: about/featuring an urban legend
  50. √ Gertrude: author/MC has a cat 
  51. √ Mikaele: involves pirates 
  52. √ Manuela Dominguez: author/MC works in the sciences 

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