Monday, November 30, 2020

Diversify your reading challenge #DYRC21

 The Diversify your reading challenge #DYRC21  is hosted by Kelly Mongan, on her Mongan Moments blog.  This is made up of 12 monthly genre prompts and then 4 bonus prompts.  This is a new challenge for me in 2021

Our quarterly bonus challenge is a great way to explore some new books, without an emphasis on genre:

  • Q1 (Jan-Mar): Award Winner
  • Q2 (April-Jun): Translated Text
  • Q3 (Jul-Sep): Banned Book
  • Q4 (Oct-Dec): 2021 Best Seller

She has a variety of infographics you can use to track it in whatever format you are most interested in, including checklist and bingo cards.  Join me in expanding your genres, check it out here.  

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