Friday, February 5, 2021

The Three Mrs. Wrights

 Wow, didn't realize one person could be so deceitful and able to keep their stories straight.  Linda. Keir created quite a tangled web of a story and an amazing male main character.  Jonathan/Jack/Trip is quite a charming and proficient liar.  His ability to deceive others in his life makes you wonder if he is even sure what the truth is any longer or if he is the ultimate sociopath.   The story is quite well written and you cannot help but cheer for the leading ladies of the story. They are strong women who are duped and it seems easy to judge from a distance but if you think of the many busy lives we encounter in today's world you will soon realize the premise isn't as far fetched as it would first seem.   The conclusion to the story is quite intriguing and as happy as can be hoped for under the circumstances laid out by the plot.

Highly recommend for anyone interested in a non mystery suspense book.

The Three Mrs. Wrights: A NovelThe Three Mrs. Wrights: A Novel by Linda Keir
My rating: 4 of 5 stars 

Quite an intriguing novel of suspense. It definitely created an atmosphere where trusting others seems to be impossible. As you read you cannot wait to find out what the real story is, not the fabricated identities you are meeting, but rather the real truth. There is quite a fun twist at the end that leads to as happy an ending as can be found in a book about so much deceit and lying.
Very glad I picked this book out at the library 

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