Monday, November 2, 2020

The Jetsetters

This book, by Amanda Eyre Ward, was an enjoyable read but it left me wanting more.  I felt like much of the issues with the characters  were only touched upon lightly.  It felt like there should have been more details regarding some of the struggles they were going through.  The characters each had issues that Ward discusses but I left feeling like we only got a glimpse of the issue and never a clear picture.  

This was especially true of Regan's situation, the story alluded to more but then it seemed like the issue wasn't nearly as awful as portrayed but we don't really know because the details were never revealed.  

This is unfortunate because I felt the characters represented many of the issues people face in the real world.  Ward does a great job at capturing the emotions and the stress that people feel when dealing with these issues.  I just wish there had been more details and closure. 

While I enjoyed the book, I wouldn't put it at the top of my list for the year.  The best part was reading about the different locations they traveled to on their cruise.  

The JetsettersThe Jetsetters by Amanda Eyre Ward
My rating: 3 of 5 stars 

Dysfunctional family vacation 

What at first glance would seem to be a light hearted book about a grown family traveling on a cruise turns out to be a poignant book about love. The characters struggle to find love and to resolve their childhood memories. The characters show depth and emotion. There are moments of humor and many of struggles to find their true selves. I didn’t give the book four stars because I did feel at times it was a bit too erratic jumping from character to character for narration. It felt like there should be a bit more in each of the stories The family dynamics did feel very realistic and their struggles felt real. It was just the flow and a desire for more depth in storylines that made me wish for a bit more 

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