Thursday, November 26, 2020

Magic in the Books


Magic in the Books-  Harry Potter Challenge 2021

How can I resist doing a challenge based on Harry Potter.  The hosts do such a wonderful job of designing and the artwork is amazing.   Looking forward to 2021 challenge

Book 1- Sorcerer's Stone  COMPLETED 3/11/21

√ With a written letter in it 

√ Where a character discovers an identity/ability 

√ Non Fiction   

√ By a celebrity 
    √ Set at a holiday 

    √ With a character whose name you cannot pronounce 
    √ Include a brave character 

    Book 2  Chamber of Secrets  complete 3/17/21

    √ Bird on the cover

    √ With enemies to friends or friends to enemies trope  
      √ Includes a haunting 

        √ Mystery Novel 

          √ A Funny book 
          √  A book that was borrowed

            √ A book with clothing on the cover 


              Book 3 Prisoner of Azkaban  completed 11/18/21

              √ Read a Guilty Pleasure 

                √ Includes page 394

                √ Includes a solemn vow 
                √ With a character that's imprisoned 

                  √ Re-read a book  

                  √  With a source of light on the cover 
                    √ Includes a parent/child relationship 

                    Book 4 Goblet of Fire  complete 5/9/21

                    √ Read a book involving a sport

                    √ A book with a mistaken identity 
                    √ Includes a rebel character
                    √ Includes a shapeshifter 

                      √ Read an own voice book 

                      √ Includes a theft 

                      √ Read a book in translation 

                        Book 5  Order of the Phoenix

                        √ Read a fantasy novel 

                          √ Book with a pink cover 

                          √ Includes food 

                          √ Book under 100 pages 

                          √ Features an uprising 

                          √ Read a love story 

                            Book 6 Half Blood Prince (completed 11/16/21)

                            √  With a flower on the cover 

                              √ with a number in the title/on the cover 

                              √ featuring a strong friendship 

                              √ set in a school 

                              √  featuring an animal 
                              √ Includes the Chosen One trope  

                              √  A book involving music

                                Book 7  The Deathly Hollows   complete 3/16/21

                                √ Includes Twins  
                                  √ Ugly Cover

                                    √ First book in a series 

                                      √ Retelling

                                      √ Book with a character death 
                                      √ Been on your TBR forever 
                                      • READ Dry by Augusten Burroughs

                                      √ Book with a happy ending

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