Sunday, December 4, 2022

Quidditich 23


The 2023 Flourish and Blotts Reading challenge is here!

Grab your brooms and your TBR, it’s time for the 2023 HPOOTP-Flourish & Blotts reading challenge! In this year’s challenge, you’ll take to the sky and attempt to win the Quidditch Cup!

As usual, YOU get to set your challenge. While there are 52 prompts (plus a bonus), you can decide which level of the Quidditch Cup challenge you’re attempting to attain! Thus, you can build the challenge to the number of books you want to read! For example, you can aim for “Announcer” (12 completed prompts) for a challenge of about 1 book per month, or you can set your sights on becoming Quidditch Cup Champion, (52 prompts + bonus) for about 1 book a week – or anywhere in between!

Quidditch Cup Levels are as follows:
In the Stands: Start the reading challenge
Announcer: Finish 12 prompts
On the Team: Finish 24 Prompts
Quidditch Captain: Finish 36 Prompts
Quidditch Cup Champion: Finish 52 Prompts (+ Bonus!)

My Goal is to Make Captain  
Prompts Completed  43/36

Quidditch: Involving a sport
Quidditch World Cup: Set in a country you’ve never been to
Quidditch Pitch: Set in nature
Quidditch Throughout the Ages: A historical fiction
Golden Snidget: Includes a magical creature
Quaffle: With a title including the letter Q
    Bludger: A book you think will knock your socks off (or off your broom!)
    Snitch: A book with a Golden Aspect (edges or cover foiled, etc)
      Catching the Snitch: A book with isbn# that includes 1, 5, and 0
        Nimbus 2000: Set or written before 2000
        Nimbus 2001: Set or written after 2001
          Firebolt: Contains a special gift
            Quidditch Gloves: Set in winter
              Quidditch Goggles: Includes a character that wears glasses
              Chaser: A hard to catch book (always out of stock, hard to find copies of, long library wait list)
              Beater: Includes a competition
              Keeper: Includes a character you fall in love with
                Seeker: Includes a found family
                  Quidditch Teams of Britain and Ireland: Set in the British Isles
                  Applebee Arrows: Related to archery
                  Ballycastle Bats: A regency era book
                  Chudley Cannons: Includes a battle
                    Holy Head Harpies: Includes a group of strong females
                      Pride of Portree: Related to the LGBTQIA+ Community
                      Puddlemere United: With multiple points of view
                      Tutshill Tornados: Includes a weather event
                        Wingtown Wanderers: Includes travel or adventure
                          Hogwarts House Cup: Includes a celebration
                            Gryffindor: Related to Gryffindor house/traits
                              Hufflepuff: Related to Hufflepuff house/traits
                                Ravenclaw: Related to Ravenclaw house/traits
                                  Slytherin: Related to Slytherin house/traits
                                    Harry Potter: Includes a celebrity
                                      Oliver Wood: Includes a fanatical character
                                      Angelina Johnson: Written by a BIPOC author
                                        Katie Bell: Includes a character who gets cursed
                                          Alicia Spinett: Written by a female author
                                          Fred Weasley: Read a duology (book 1)
                                          George Weasley: Read a duology (book 2)
                                          Ginny Weasley: A poetry book
                                          Cho Chang: Written by an Asian or AAPI author
                                          Marcus Flint: Involves a fire
                                            Cedric Diggory: Includes vampires
                                              Viktor Krum: With a character who speaks a different language
                                              Draco Malfoy: A book that has a large fandom following
                                              Weasley is our King: Contains royalty
                                              Starfish Stick: Related to the sea
                                                Wronski Feint: Includes misdirection
                                                  Slothgrip Roll: A book that’s taken you a long time to read
                                                    Dionysus Dive: Contains a character with a vice
                                                    Body Blow: With a body part on the cover
                                                      Double Eight Loop: Written by multiple authors
                                                      Bonus: A book that mentions Harry Potter

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