Sunday, December 11, 2022

NF Reading

  I tried this challenge in 2021 and I wish to try this again in 2022.  There are categories that are suggested to select non fiction reading.   This challenge will work well with my Reading Randomizer Challenge since I had so many NF works come up in that selection process.  

Nonfiction Nipper: Read & review 3 books, from any 3 listed categories

Nonfiction Nibbler: Read & review 6 books, from any 6 listed categories   <==== My GOAL

Nonfiction Nosher: Read & review 12 books, one for each category

Nonfiction Grazer: Read & review any nonfiction book. Set your own goal

Books Selected 

1/6 Prompts completed  


  1. History:
  2. Memoir/Biography:  Don't Look Behind You! A Safari Guide's Encounters with Ravenous Lions, Stampeding Elephants, and Lovesick Rhinos  by Peter Allison
  3. Crime & Punishment:
  4. Science:
  5. Health:
  6. Travel:
  7. Food:
  8. Social Media:
  9. Sport:
  10. Relationships:
  11. The Arts:
  12. Published in 2023:

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