Monday, December 19, 2022

Read Your Bookshelf

 This is a new TBR reducing challenge that is prompt based.   I found it via the signup for the Backlist Reader challenge when checking out another blogger's signup page.   This challenge is hosted by Chantel at Hey Reader blog.   It is a 12 prompt challenge with a different prompt for each month.   The unique aspect of this challenge is many of the prompts are sparked by the previous month's book selection.   Thus, a very creative challenge that may require planning on the reader's part or just a bit of fun searching each month to find something that fits the month's prompt.   Either way,  a great way to get through your TBR pile.  

Tracked here on the TBR site

  • January: A book that starts with the word “a” or “the”.
  • February: A book where the cover or spine is in a complementary color from your January book.
  • March: The title has to start with the next letter in the alphabet from your February book.
  • April: A book that is in a different genre than your March book.
  • May: A book that is longer than your last one (120 p).
  • June: The title for your June book will have half as many letters as your May title.
  • July: A book set in a different country or world than your June book.
  • August: A book that is the same genre as your July book.
  • September: Turn to page 50 in your August book (or 49 or 51 if your page 50 is blank) and your September book has to have one of the words from that page in the title.  "Told"
  • October: The book will start with the first letter of the author’s last name from your September book.=  D

  • November: Choose a book from a different time period from your October book.
  • December: And for the last month your book has to be within 20 pages of your November book's page count.

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