Sunday, December 4, 2022

Cozy Mystery Challenge


The Cozy Mystery Challenge has been on Instagram and Facebook in the past.  This year they have a website and links to the different prompts.  

Prompts 20/23

  1. Set in a different time period

  2. Cozy companion that isn't a dog or cat
  3. Has a beverage recipe
  4. Paranormal or Magical Cozy
  5. Set somewhere you'd like to vacation
  6. Sun, Moon, or Stars on the cover
  7. A Cozy that matches the season
  8. A Cozy opposite the season
  9. Male Author
  10. Main character is different than you 
  11. An author who uses initials
  12. A past Book Chat selection you haven't read
  13. A library book
  14. A reread
  15. Serves food you'd like to eat
  16. Includes a celebration
  17. Includes a home project
  18. Judge a book by it's cover
  19. Has a setting different from yours  
  20. Has a purple cover

Bonus Prompts

  1. Three cozies, same author
    1. Two Parts Sugar, One Part Murder by Valerie Burns
    2. Bookclubbed to Death (Mystery Bookshop #8) by V.M. Burns
  1. Cozy without murder
  2. Read the rainbow

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