Saturday, December 3, 2022

Audio books


Sometimes the books I want to read are only available in audio format through the library so this helps with trying to "read" more audiobooks.  Additionally, in 2023 I would really like to spend more time listening to audiobooks while walking and exercising.  This is a win-win for me in my 2023 goals.  

This is hosted by Kimberly at  Caffeinated Book Reviewer and Jen at That's What I'm Talking About  This will be my 3rd year attempting this challenge.  I am going to increase my goal to 

  • Weekend Warrior (I’m getting the hang of this) 5-10  <== My Goal

Total Audiobooks Enjoyed:  16/5

Weekend Warrior (I’m getting the hang of this) 5-10  3/30/23
Stenographer (can listen while multitasking) 10-15  6/21/23
Socially Awkward (Don’t talk to me) 15-20  8/1/23

  1.  Claws for Alarm (Nick and Nora Mysteries, #2) by T.C. LoTiempo
  2.  Treble at the Jam Fest (A Food Lovers' Village Mystery, #4) by Leslie Budewitz
  3. Aged For Murder Tuscan Vineyard #1 by Fiona Grace
  4. Guilty as Cinnamon by Leslie Budewitz
  5.  The Cracked Spine (Scottish Bookshop #1) by Paige Shelton
  6. Death of a Red Heroine by Qiu Xiaolong 
  7. Manor of Dying (Hamptons Home & Garden #4) by Kathleen Bridge
  8. Reading Up A Storm (Lighthouse Library #3) by Eva Gates
  9. Murder at the Lobstah Shack (Cozy Capers Book Group #3) by Maddie Day
  10. Put Out to Pasture (Farm to Table #2) by Amanda Flower
  11.  by Laura Bradford
  12. The Crepes of Wrath (Pancake House Mystery, #1) by Sarah Fox
  13. Better Off Read (Bookmobile Mystery, #1) by Nora Page
  14. The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle by Stuart Turton
  15. Demon Copperhead by Barbara Kingsolver  DNF
  16. Saint X by Alexis Schaitkin

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