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This is the next installment in the Teddy Fay series co written by Stuart Woods.  I really enjoyed this book with an added bonus of an author starting with a Q so it was a double winner for me.

I am finding I enjoy the Teddy Fay series more than the Stone Barrington books these days probably because they seem to focus more on the clandestine operations and less about the gratuitous sexual encounters.  I am not a prude but it does get old reading about Stone's escapades.  

This book finds Teddy in Asia- Hong Kong and Macau to be exact.  He meets up with a female who challenges him on his skillset and intelligence.  This subplot makes for interesting introspection by Teddy and for a great development of his character.  It makes him more human that's for sure.  

The mystery and intrigue is also well written and full of plot twists.  If you like reading spy novels that feel like a Bond movie then this will be a good fit for you.

JackpotJackpot by Stuart Woods
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Teddy Fay adventures keep your on the edge of your seat

I am finding the Teddy Fay series to be more engaging than the Stone Barrington series these days This story is about the intrigue and action of the spy/intelligence business without the gratuitous sexual exploits of Barrington. The twists and turns and uncertainty of who’s on Teddy’s side is very engaging. The complexity of the characters and what is justified behavior keeps the book moving rapidly.
Great book if you’re looking for a foreign espionage book set in Macau

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