Friday, July 21, 2023

The Unhoneymooners

 This is the 3rd book by Christina Lauren that I have read.  The Unhoneymooners like the others is an entertaining book that has some deeper character development/reflection than many rom-com books.  Olive and Ethan find themselves in a comical situation due to circumstances beyond their control.  It leads to many funny and somewhat predictable moments which are enjoyable to read about.  

 I felt many emotions about the different characters and I could relate to how different situations are perceived based upon our own notions.  It is easy for 2 people to have 2 very different perspectives of what occurred in the same moment.  I think of it like the saying, every story has 2 sides and then there's the truth.   Humans tend to look at things from our own perspectives and our own experiences affect how we see/interpret something.   Thus, preconceived notions or other people's opinions can affect how we feel about a given situation.  This book is full of those between Olive and Ethan.  It makes for a very good enemies-to-lovers and back-to-enemies storyline.   Family allegiance also plays a very strong role in the plot as well.   Overall I enjoyed the book and would like to read the follow-up story to it.

 The Unhoneymooners

The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

An enjoyable enemies to lovers rom com with a twist. The expected outcome is not what happens making for a great plot. The characters and their sibling relationships are well thought out and plausible. Anyone with a big extended family will laugh and find many relatable moments. I definitely found myself wanting to travel to Hawaii after reading this book.

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