Saturday, January 15, 2022

Beat the Backlist 2022



 I am going to do this prompt based challenge again in 2022. It is hosted by Austine and Katie on Novelknight blog.   You don't have to own the book and can borrow etc.   There is a 24 or 52 prompt list.  They have created a bingo card or a regular checklist for whichever format you prefer to track using.  

Prompts:  40/50 completed

My Selections:

  1. number in the title
  2. classic novel
  3. longer than 500 pages
  4. first in a series you've been putting off
  5. book featuring time travel
  6. indie or self published
  7. debut novel
  8. one word title
  9. everyone has read it but you
  10. set in the mountains
  11. a book about books
  12. mushroom on the cover
  13. non-fiction
  14. graphic novel, manga, or web comic
  15. book with chapter names
  16. about or inspired by a historical event
  17. discovered via social media
  18. novella 
  19. picked by a celebrity book club
  20. murder, mystery or both
  21. new to you author
  22. 2+ people on the cover
  23. book written for an age group you don't belong to
  24. author has an active podcast or you tube channel
  25. set in space or on/in the ocean
  26. your favorite animal on the cover

  27. set on an island
  28. wolf' or 'star' in the title
  29. 6+ words in the title  
  30. translated to your native language
  31. features royalty 
  32. superheroes/villains OR character in disguise
  33. co-authored
  34. forgotten on your shelf or ereader
  35. story centered around a real or fictional holiday
  36. your favorite trope on the page
  37. reading for research, reference, or general interest
  38. women in the (fictional) sciences
  39. you watched the show or movie first
  40. book about siblings
  41. second or fourth book in a series
  42. title is an alliteration
  43. about food or food in the title
  44. involves family secrets
  45. a book in a genre you never/rarely read
  46. an unusual or unexpected pet
  47. protagonist has a profession that twists the truth
  48. author has a first, middle and last name on the cover (no initials)
  49. a book set in the season you read it in
  50. finish a series

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