Thursday, October 1, 2020


 This book by Christina Dalcher is a thought provoking book to say the least.  I found it unsettling at times to read particularly given all the uncertainty and division currently being experienced in the world with Covid and the protests.

While the author approached the subject of silencing women as a result of a fictional Pure movement grown out of the religious right, I can see it being a situation that results from the radical left as well.   The cancel culture and not allowing people to speak up if they don't agree with the liberal agenda is also a reality.  Given that much of the media represents news with an opinion attached and a narrative they wish to push, it can be envisioned as a "new world" instituted by either extreme edge of the parties in the US.  

This book is a very engaging and thought provoking book.  I would really hate to live in a world like this that is certain.  The storyline with its intrigue and suspense is very well written.   Dalcher's character development is well done and really allows the reader to feel empathy, anger and disgust at the different characters.   You can sense the helplessness Jean feels and the frustration she feels toward raising her son, Stephen, and how he is absorbed into the Pure movement.  As the parent of a teenage boy, I can envision how easily children this age are swayed to believe in causes as presented to them by adults who's purpose it to convince them to believe in their cause.  

This book is chilling and will keep you thinking for days after finishing it.  It definitely asks the reader to decide what would you do to save your family and to what extremes would you go.  The suspense and drama grows throughout and has a very unexpected ending.  

A great read. 

VoxVox by Christina Dalcher
My rating: 4 of 5 stars 

Very engaging and thought provoking novel. Definitely puts you on edge and makes you reflect on what can happen if the extreme radical fringes of politics succeed in controlling/fooling the general population. Set as a situation where the ultra religious right have silenced women literally. Just as easy to view it being the extreme left of politics as well. It's a reminder of why we should all pay attention and engage in the political process in the US
Dalcher writes a great novel that develops her characters in a way that you watch them grow and evolve even though the book is only about a week in timeframe. The point of view is just from Jean's perspective but the dialogue and self reflection she undergoes during the book gives glimpses to others perspectives and actions as well. There are many surprises and a very shocking ending in the book. Be prepared to think about this book for days after reading it 

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