Saturday, March 13, 2021

American Royals

 This was an unexpected find in this novel by Katherine McGee.  I really had no idea what this novel was about when I put it on my hold list at the library.  I had spotted it right after finishing Red, White and Royal Blue (see blog post here)  It is a fun spin on the history of the US.  What if instead of becoming a democracy we had become a monarchy?  Fast forward to the modern day and the newest generation of heir coming of age.  This story is about that royal family and all the obligations and responsibilities that come with being royal.  The different family members have different perspectives and feelings about their royal responsibilities and the expectations of them.  The book allows us to see the growth of the siblings both individually and with each other.   This is definitely a YA book with lots of optimistic relationships and young love but it also is forthright about the difficulties of growing up and finding oneself while in the public eye.  The reader can definitely sense the weight of this responsibility and the burdens that come with the privileges.   I must say this book definitely reinforced my belief that I would not wish fame upon my worst enemy.  The story is a fun book that has its moments that cause deeper reflection but all in all it is a YA book at heart and is mostly about the relationships particularly of the romantic variety.  There are additional books in the series that I assume will expound upon the relationships found in this book.    

American RoyalsAmerican Royals by Katharine McGee
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Fascinating book of alternate history

This book is a nice blend between a chick lit and a alternate historical fiction. It’s set in present day but based upon a change in the history of the US. What if we’d taken on a new king versus becoming a democracy. The book has many layers and develops the characters well. They are believable and realistic in their actions and emotions. The book definitely had me thinking about what it would like to be to grow up with a pre determined future and always live your life knowing your role and place. I found myself considering what it would be like to be Kate and William or Harry and Meghan. This provides a different perspective on those relationships
I’ve always said I wouldn’t wish fame on my enemies and I feel that way even more after reading this novel

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Challenge Prompts

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