Monday, June 29, 2020

Class Mom

This debut novel by Laurie Gelman is laugh out loud funny at many times.   If you have ever been a class parent and dealt with the other class parents then you will definitely find stories you can relate to in this book.   Jen Dixon finds herself drawn back into the PTA and class mom after years  of absence when her son, Max, enters Kindergarten.   Her challenges getting volunteers, trying to get timely responses and controlling expectations is absolutely relatable.   The term heding cats comes to mind at times and many of the personalities that she encounters are very realistic.

I'm glad a read this first book in the series and promptly started the next chapter in the story.  It is a fun book that is written in a different structure,  combining snarky emails with a first person narrative.  All in all a great book.

Class Mom (Class Mom, #1)Class Mom by Laurie Gelman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A laugh out loud book that any volunteer in a modern PTA can relate to. Gelman does a wonderful job at creating a protagonist that is easily misunderstood. Not everyone gets Jen Dixon's approach to the job of class mom. Being older than many of her son's classmates' mothers makes her stand out as it is but then her humor is often misconstrued. Gelman does a great job of developing her character and letting the reader get a glimpse at what is underneath the surface of Jen's attitude. In reality, she is just like many of us, trying to get everything done and be liked. This book is great for someone looking to read a book that has laugh out loud moments but you can still see glimpses of your own life in the story

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