Monday, January 6, 2020

Audio Books

In addition to reading lots of books off my To Be Read shelf this year, I am also trying to do more listening.  As the mom of a HS student who doesn't have a license yet, I spend lots of time in the car.  His school is 20+ min from home and he plays multiple sports.  Let's just say I'm in the car a lot.  I have decided to try to listen to audiobooks when driving.  Additionally, I have tried to download books that I only allow myself to listen to while working out.  This, plus only binge watching certain shows, gives me incentive to get on the treadmill/elliptical or walk the track for longer than I would otherwise.

Right now I am listening to

Wizard : the life and times of Nikola Tesla : biography of a genius  by Marc J. Seifer

I think this will end up covering the requirement for a subject I know nothing about.  I will not finish this one too quickly as I have to return the book to the library because someone has a hold but I will get it right back after their loan period so shouldn't be too long til I finish.

Additionally, I received the free Audible for the book Let's Fake a Deal by Sherry Harris.  This is the 7th book in the series about Sarah Winston Garage Sale Mysteries.  This is the first book in this series I have read, although I have watched many of the episodes on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.  So far it is entertaining.

I am planning to sign up for the daily emails from Chirp to seek out deals on the books for future use in case they are not available at the Library.

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