Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Kilt Dead

 I had read a previous installment of the Liss MacCrimmon series by Kaitlyn Dunnett last year.  I had selected that book because it fulfilled the "X" requirement in my alphabet challenge.  I usually try to read series from the beginning but this was an exception.  I did feel the fact I had read a future book did not ruin this book although it would have been better to read them in order as certain facts about the central characters make it a bit predictable since I had read a future book.  If you like cozy mysteries with strong young and older women in the primary detective role then you will like this book.  Additionally, anyone interested in Scottish heritage and goods will find this book a fun read.

Kilt DeadKilt Dead by Kaitlyn Dunnett
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the first in the series set in a small town in Maine. Liss is a great character coming back to her hometown after a min unexpected end to her career. The book centers around her Scottish heritage and her Aunt’s Emporium. The story has many likeable and unlikeable characters. The mystery unravels and an unexpected suspect is revealed. The book does a great job of balancing the mystery with character and relationships developing as Liss reacquainted herself with HS friends as she tries to solve the mystery

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Challenge Prompts

The Challenge Prompts I will use this for are:  

  1. Library Love  #LibraryLoveChallenge  Book #112
  2. Finishing the Series   #FinishingTheSeries2021  Liss MacCrimmon #1
  3. Virtual Mount TBR #VirtualMountTBR2021   Book #119
  4. Back List Reader  #Backlistreader  Book # 133
  5. Cruisin thru Cozies  Free choice #78
  6. Cloak & Dagger  #CloakDaggerChal  Book #114
  7. Craving for Cozies  Book #96
  8. Pick your Poison #7-3 A book with a plaid cover
  9. Medical Examiner Challenge  1 Toe Tags
  10. Beachcomber Challenge  
    • Crime Scenes 
      • Row 3
        • Bar, store, restaurant
    • Weapons
      • Row 4
        • Push or fall
    • Detectives- Liss
    • Victims- Ms. Norton
  11. Six Shooter Challenge  Target #75  Shot #1

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