Saturday, October 23, 2021

The Trivia Lover's Guide to the World

 This is a fun take on a non fiction book about geography of the world.  It is not just the map locale and where countries are on the globe, but rather the human geography, political geography and much more.  Gary Fuller does a great job of keeping a potentially boring topic very interesting.  Each chapter corresponds to a sub area of geography.  He introduces the chapter with several trivia questions and answers them as he writes the chapter.  The reader with a wonderful memory could clean up on Jeopardy or their next cruise trivia session if they are able to remember all the information he bestows.  There is quite a variety of information in the book including topographical information, history of different nations and peoples among other details.  

If you enjoy reading non fiction that covers a breadth of information without being too serious you may enjoy this book;  I certainly did.  

The Trivia Lover's Guide to the World: Geography for the Lost and FoundThe Trivia Lover's Guide to the World: Geography for the Lost and Found by Gary Fuller
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Interesting read especially if you like trivia. The format of the book is a nice one for picking up and reading for a bit and then setting aside. Each chapter talks about geography centered around trivia questions. Fuller discusses geography as more than just location but rather the expanded meaning of the field including political, human, topographical etc. It is an interesting book if you like to expand your knowledge about the world around us

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